I bought a typewriter back in 2012 and started a Facebook page typing up random quotes from the internet. The page grew into a community which gave me so much that I basically swam in gratitude for months on end. For a while, my schedule was basically sitting down every night to type and post requests from people. The community poured their hearts out to me, I experimented with poetry and other words, combinations thereof, and the community kept on growing. I experimented with products, too- made bookmarks, sold Typewriters and tried to get people to experiment with the medium.

 The trend also was picked up by other people- and I found myself in the company of those who loved words, and for a long time, our shared love kept us together.

 After I moved to DC in 2014, it was hard to keep things up just because life happened, but I’m so glad that I still get to go back in every now and then, post some things here and there and reminisce.

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