karachi tips

KarachiTips was a project which launched me and my co-founders into the local social media scene. We wanted to do something for our city and started a social media campaign to create conversation about things that we loved about our city, its culture and the colloquial language. It became an instant hit among youth of the city and put us on the map.

 We started with a Facebook page, and then overall 360-degree social media presence. The project turned into an entrepreneurial journey for us all and we made and sold t-shirts, raised money for charities and causes and had a great time! For a short while, we also ran an online magazine which did really well.

 The project got a lot of press and attention from all over the world. 

July 16th, 2011 Karachi Shot & Edited by: Haya Fatima Iqbal

In this Video Abdullah and Baakh share their journey. What started on a whim, took a life of its own...and is one of the places where young and old Karachiites share the craziness of their city.