bitchy urdu Cards

Bitchy Urdu Cards came up while we were sitting at a café in Sindhi Muslim over terrible food and uncomfortable lighting. One of my favorite idea people joked about making tiny cards for people who park terribly, or print version of the hilarious “aap hamain bilkul pasand nahi aaye” off some radio show and it hit the right note in my left brain.

 People liked it and I feed on likes/retweets/reblogs so I went ahead and made some more and the cycle continued for a while until I very happily passed the baton on to Lubna at Khabees Orat. She is doing wonderful things combining Urdu with pop culture and internet memes. Last I heard she also had a video game coming out.

 The project taught me a whole bunch of things, but most importantly helped me understand why things go viral. I wrote about that on TechJuice which you can read here or on my Medium here.

 See the Tumblr here.

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