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"I am glad you exist but I wish you existed closer to me."

To clarify: the eidi with question mark symbolizes me asking others for eidi. The darkness, of course, represents the bleak nature. The future doesnt look very bright (zero rupay abhi tk)

The eidi with exclamation represents the way chota bachas are demanding for eidi. White of course symbolizes the defeat I’ve accepted.

So. This isn’t just some stupid meme.
There’s an obvious Fault in Our Tehvaars


If you were to compare http://ift.tt/1oo5GRq

Wagha Border, Lahore.

aur bhii dukh hain zamaane mein mohabbat ke sivaa
There are other heartaches in the world than those of love
raahaten aur bhi vasl ki raahat ke sivaa
There is happiness other than the joy of union


Karachi Meri Nazar Se

Inbox us the photo to become part of the photo contest! Winners get t-shirts, caps and other I am Karachi campaign goodies!


A poster of Benazir from the 88’ election campaign.


A poster of Benazir from the 88’ election campaign.

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Calligraphy by Tolga Girgin

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In the stormy days of our youth, we imagine that solitude is a sure refuge from the assaults of life, a certain balm for the wounds of battle. This is a serious mistake, and experience teaches us that, if we cannot live in peace with our fellow–men, neither romantic raptures nor aesthetic enjoyment will ever fill the abyss gaping at the bottom of our hearts.
George Sand (via itsquoted)

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By Maliha Naseem

Ramadan in my hometown Dubai gives the term “melting pot” a whole new meaning; a time which allows people of all faiths and nationalities to enjoy the delectable treats- sweet and savory- that melting pots and pans churn out every day. So instead of sticking to what’s traditionally served at home, go out and try something new, or make these Ramadan regulars at home.

I’ve illustrated some of the usual suspects relished at Iftar around the world:

UAE – “Lgeimat” are fluffy fritters soaked in a sticky, sweet syrup infused with saffron, cardamom, and cinnamon flavors. And I, like many Emiratis, prefer to douse them in honey.


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The Classic Greeks had three words for love: eros(for sexual love), agape (for selfless love) and philo(for a brotherly sort of love).

The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.
Massimo Vignelli (1931-2014)

"By the time the light from some stars get here they are already dead.
For those stars we see only their ghosts.”

Science that sounds like fine poetry.